18th International Conference on Electronic Publishing18th International Conference on Electronic Publishing

. 27 de Novembro de 2013
19 de Junho de 2014@11:15_20 de Junho de 2014@12:15


The International Conference on Electronic Publishing (Elpub) enters its 18th year. Elpub 2014 will continue the tradition, bringing together researchers, lecturers, librarians, developers, entrepreneurs, users and all other stakeholders interested in issues regarding electronic publishing in widely differing contexts. These include the human, cultural, economic, social, technological, legal, commercial and other relevant aspects that such an exciting theme encompasses.

Elpub 2014 will particularly focus on the openness and use of research data as well as new and innovative publishing paradigms. We welcome presentations and discussions that demonstrate the role of cultural heritage and service organisations in the creation, accessibility, curation and long term preservation of data. We aim to provide a forum for discussing appraisal, citation and licensing of research data. Also, what is new with reviewing, publishing and editorial technology in a data-centric setting?

We invite contributions from members of the communities whose research and experiments are transforming the nature of electronic publishing and scholarly communication. Topics include but are not restricted to:
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

  • Text Mining (Natural language processing, text harvesting, dynamic formatting)
  • Open Data, Open Linked Data (Solutions, methods, tools)
  • Web Mining (Knowledge discovery in web documents)
  • Association Mining (Knowledge linking, discovery, presentation)
  • Information Retrieval (Content search, analysis and retrieval)
  • Visualization (Clustering, Graphs, Augmented reality, Knowledge maps)
  • Stream Mining (Video tagging, Audiobook tagging)
  • Legal Issues (Ethics, Copyright, licensing, etc.)

Online Social Networks for Scientific Communication

  • New digital media (user studies, innovative publishing)
  • User interfaces (Multilingual and multimodal interfaces, User generated content)
  • Specific user communities (Services and technology, media and content)
  • Personalization technologies (e.g. social tagging, folksonomies, RSS)
  • Social interaction analysis (Author collaboration trends, publication trends)
  • Security, Privacy and Integrity (Online ethics, Privacy policies, Online censorship)
  • Network analysis (Modelling and visualization of science networks)
  • Ubiquitous computing (Mobile and social network interactions, RFID book tagging)
  • Bibliometrics, (Data appraisal, citation and attribution)

Publishing and Access       

  • New publishing models (Business models, costs, tools, services and roles)
  • Open access (Publishing solutions, mandates, recommendations)
  • Open Data, Open Linked Data (Data registries, workflows, demonstrations)
  • Mobile information services (e-contents, e-books, etc.)
  • Interoperability (Scalability and middleware infrastructure)
  • Legal issues (Security, privacy and copyright issues)
  • Digital preservation (Cultural heritage, content authentication, DP Planning)
  • Semantic web (Metadata, information granularity, digital objects)
  • Digital library (Repositories, services, future)
  • New publishing paradigms (Executable papers, data journals, research objects, open peer review)


Website: www.elpub.net


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