10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects @ Lisboa, IST - Instituto Superior Técnico
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iPRES-2013 will be co-located with DC-2013, the International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications.

A unique common registration will give full access for each delegate to the programme of both the conferences (keynotes will be held in plenary sessions, papers sessions specific of each conference will run in parallel) – http://ipres2013.ist.utl.pt/index.html.

Agenda Overview:

Tutorials: 2 September 2013

Main conference: 3-5 September 2013 (opening the 3 September morning; closing 5 September noon).

Workshops: 5 September 2013 on… (workshops will start the afternoon of the 5 September, lasting half day, full day, …, what necessary…)

Side Meetings: The conference will be held in the campus of an engineering school, the week before classes start. Plenty of room will be available for isde meetings (projects, working groups, birds of feather, …).

Webinar: Diretrizes Open Access da Comissão Europeia para projetos de investigação científicaWebinar: Diretrizes Open Access da Comissão Europeia para projetos de investigação científica
Out 25@10:00_11:00

Sessão de esclarecimento online para apresentar e clarificar as condições de publicação Open Access da Comissão Europeia que exigem que o investigador disponibilize em acesso aberto as publicações que resultem de investigação financiada pela União Europeia.

Webinar desenvolvido no âmbito das atividades de disseminação do projeto OpenAIREplus – Infraestrutura Open Access para a Investigação na Europa (www.openaire.eu), com o objetivo de apoiar os investigadores no cumprimento das condições Open Access no âmbito do 7º Programa Quadro, e apresentar as principais orientações para o programa Horizonte 2020.


Investigadores, gestores de projetos, administradores de ciência e profissionais de informação que colaborem, participam ou pretendem participar em projetos com financiamento da Comissão Europeia, particularmente no âmbito do 7º Programa Quadro e do Conselho Europeu de Investigação.


11h00 – Políticas de Acesso Aberto na Europa: o papel dos agentes financiadores da ciência, Eloy Rodrigues

11h15 – Cumprimento das condições Open Access da Comissão Europeia: o papel da infraestrutura OpenAIRE (Open Access para a Investigação na Europa), Pedro Príncipe

11h40 – Perguntas e respostas

Mais informações:

Gabinete de Projetos Open Access – Serviços de Documentação da Universidade do Minho, telefone: 253604983, e-mail: pedroprincipe@sdum.uminho.pt (consulte a apresentação do webinar em PDF).


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3rd LIBER Workshop on Digital Curation @ University of Vienna
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The management of digital objects (e.g. articles, datasets, images, streams of data, multimedia objects) and non-digital objects (namely real-world entities, like authors, institutions, teams, geographic locations, etc.) is a crucial issue for the whole scientific and administrative process within an academic institution.

The need to unambiguously locate and access the digital resources, as well as associate them with the related metadata (e.g. authors, relevant entities, institutions, research groups, projects, administrative organisational units) is an essential requirement for managing, accessing, reusing, retrieving and preserving huge amounts of cultural and intellectual resources.

Along with the tide of Big Data, the relevance of this issue has been dramatically increased, making it clear that academic institutions have to take actions and develop plans that foster achievement of these goals. In this Conference, we argue that the introduction of comprehensive Data Management Plans is the imminent step for the Instiutions and their repositories which seek to fulfil requirements set to them.

Data Management Plans facilitate the curation process of digital objects. Thus, the time and effort spent by the curators is minimized.

+ info: http://liber2014.univie.ac.at