UMinho OA Seminar Presentations

European Workshop of the MedOANet Project  (6th Feb.)

Opening Session

  • Towards a European Policy on Open Access – Jean-François Dechamp, OA Policy Officer, EC [Presentation]

Open Access in the Mediterranean Countries

Perspectives on policy

  • Institutional perspective – Bernard Rentier, University of Liège [Presentation]
  • The Legal perspective – Lucie Guibault, University of Amsterdam [Presentation]

OA Seminar (7th Feb.)

Opening Session

  • University of Minho Rector, António Cunha [Video]
  • European Commission, Directorate-General for Research & Innovation (DG RTD), Jean-François Dechamp [Presentation] [Video]

1st Session: Open Access policies in Europe

  • Open access to Telethon publications in the framework of Europe PubMed Central – Lucia Monaco, Fondazione Telethon [Presentation] [Video]
  • Implementing an OA policy at university level: the Liège experience – Bernard Rentier, University of Liège  [Presentation] [Video]
  • Open Access policies in Europe and around the world: Where do we stand? – Alma Swan, EOS [Presentation] [Video]

2nd Session: MedOANet and Open Access in Mediterranean Countries

  • Overview of MedOANET project – Victoria Tsoukala, National Documentation Centre [Presentation] [Video]
  • Overview of OA in Mediterranean Countries and OA Tracker – Paola Gargiulo and Ilaria Fava, CINECA [Presentation] [Video]
  • Conclusions from the MedOANET Workshop – Eloy Rodrigues, University of Minho [Presentation] [Video]

3rd Session: Open Science, Open Data and Repositories

  • Science as an Open Enterprise – Geoffrey Boulton, University of Edinburgh [Presentation] [Video]
  • Why Open Data Means Better Science – Jenny Molloy, Open Knowledge Foundation [Presentation] [Video]
  • Open Science: challenges and opportunities for open access repositories – Alicia Lopes Medina, COAR [Presentation] [Video]

4th Session: OpenAIREplus – Linking, integrating and enriching research outcomes

  • The Services of the OpenAIREplus Infrastructure for Scholarly Communication: data management and end-user functionality – Paolo Manghi, ISTI-CNR and Natalia Manola, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens [Presentation] [Video]
  • OpenAIRE Guidelines for Data Archive Managers – Mikael Elbæk, Technical University of Denmark [Presentation] [Video]
  • Linking data to publications: lessons learned from a pilot implementation – Donatella Castelli, ISTI-CNR [Presentation] [Video]

OpenAIRE Interoperability Workshop (8th Feb.)

  • OpenAIRE workshops Overview – Najla Rettberg [Presentation]

1st session: Interoperability Workshop

  • The CRIS-Repository connection: possibilities and values – Ed Simons and Danica Zendulková, euroCRIS [Presentation 1] [Presentation 2] [Video]
  • ENGAGE: An Infrastructure for Open, Linked Governmental Data Provision towards Research Communities and Citizens – Nikos Houssos, National Documentation Centre (EKT)/euroCRIS [Presentation] [Video]
  • Introducing PRIME: Publisher, Repository and Institutional Metadata Exchange – Brian Hole, Ubiquity Press [Presentation] [Video]

2nd session: Interoperability Workshop

  • DataCite – Bridging the gap and helping to find, access and reuse data – Herbert Gruttemeier, INIST-CNRS [Presentation] [Video]
  • EUDAT data architecture and interoperability aspects – Daan Broeder, EUDAT [Presentation] [Video]
  • Connecting data repositories and publishers for data publication – Sarah Callaghan, BADC: PREPARDE project [Presentation] [Video]
  • Connecting GESIS research data and publication information systems – Katarina Boland, GESIS [Presentation]

Breakout Sessions

  • Technical breakout session – OpenAIRE Guidelines Task Group [Presentation]

Summaries and Next steps

  • Report from Breakout sessions [Video]